Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tips to help flatten stomach by toning the belly muscles..

  • Use smooth controlled movements

  • You shouldn't be feeling a pull in the legs or hip joints when doing sit ups

  • Don't arch the back it may strain the lower back area

  • Don't get too much out of breath within the first few weeks

  • Try to comfortably increase the number of repetitions each workout

  • Sit ups can't really flatten stomach muscles very well

  • Crunches are one of the best for flattening stomach

  • Muscles adapt to repeated exercise so try performing different stomach exercises - under guidance of a gym instructor!

  • Try varying the speed at which the exercise is performed - be careful when at fast pace!

  • Always warm the stomach up thoroughly before exercising to flatten the belly

  • Exercise the side of the stomach as well as the front abs
    Flattening the stomach is not an easy task, it requires the correct approach and attitude which should last until stomach muscles are visible!

    Posted by : Hayatul Husna Binti Hassan 0952114

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